• Mentor’s Thoughts Week 52: Waves After Waves Of Positive Energy

    t takes a lot of positivity, mental and emotional balance to do what entrepreneurs do(and to succeed at it well). There will be many ups and downs in the journey, but that should not have a negative impact on the product or your customers. Build a positive frame of mind and use that to nurture your creation.

  • Sci0039 – What Investors Look For Part 3? Getting Into Details

    In our last article we wrote about how important it is to investors to see a strong business plan. We spoke about certain key areas that they look for, namely: opportunities, threats, market size and market share, customers, marketing strategy, competitors, suppliers, risk analysis, financial plan, and cash flow. Today, we will look at them in detail, to see where we can improve the business plan to seem appealing to the investors.

  • Idea Analysis Week 10: Jack On The Block

    We realised that many tenants and owners have difficulties in finding the right people when it comes to repairs and maintenance of their properties. By having all these services under one roof, Jack On The Block is being formed as a One Stop Facility Management Solution.

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