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About EntreCity

The idea behind EntreCity is to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. We want to achieve this by helping people build an entrepreneurial mindset and to arm them with the technical tools to start and grow businesses. Whether or not you are ready to start a business, EntreCity aims to help everyone to think with an entrepreneurial mindset.

How Will We Achieve This?

We intend to do this in 3 steps;

1. Knowledge Sharing : Based on first hand experiences of successful entrepreneurs captured in the popular book, “The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship” we will share knowledge about what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

a. Lectures We will be putting up lectures to impart to the basics of Entrepreneurship. We will focus on inculcating entrepreneurial thinking to build the right mindset. We will also put emphasis on the technical aspects of starting and running a business.

b. Activities: It is good to have some practical experience, which will ingrain the curriculum further into our readers. Our lectures will have related activities, which will help, put the theory into practice.

2. Community: We intend to build a community that will share and collaborate to help each other and build future businesses.

3. Guidance: Mentors who have done it before to help guide you on your journey once you are ready and have started your start-up.

Our aim is to arm our Entrepreneurs with the right tools and mindset, so that they can build successful businesses in the future. By sharing our experience and the community actively participating, we will educate current and future entrepreneurs, to produce successful ventures.