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The Team

Rashvin Kaur

Growing up in a business family, Rashvin was exposed to many aspects of entrepreneurship from a young age. She observed how her father and uncles would make business decisions and how they built their companies.

At the young age of 17, she was able to understand and put her knowledge of Entrepreneurship to practice. She discovered that if entrepreneurs’ had a better developed a set of skills and had some support and guidance; there would be many more business successes. She was able to identify a need in the market and come up with a solution for it. Being very passionate about the subject, she is EntreCity’s first student, using the platform and the concepts to develop the business.

Inderjit Singh

Mr Inderjit Singh, an engineer by training, has over 6 successful start-ups under his belt. His experience in building companies spans over 14 years. He has built very large multi-million dollar companies, including high tech companies, from scratch and is very passionate about entrepreneurship. A Member of Parliament (MP), he has been pushing entrepreneurial causes throughout his term as an MP. The knowledge and experience he brings to the table will be extremely beneficial to our future entrepreneurs.

Nisha Jholl

Although a commercial lawyer by profession, Nisha has been involved in social entrepreneurship projects from a young age, collaborating with community groups to launch charitable initiatives throughout Sydney.  She also has a background in Business and uses the knowledge gained through her studies to initiate such projects.

Inspired by the success and drive of her family, she joins the EntreCity team with a passion for the social aspect of entrepreneurship and empowering future generations to promote and protect human rights through social entrepreneurship initiatives.

Gurpal Singh

Gurpal Singh started his first company at the young age of 18, whilst studying at Temasek Polytechnic. He chanced upon an opportunity to supply the Indian market with computer equipment, car parts and mobile phones. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in IT and Business Systems, Gurpal embarked on starting Cha Pakorey, a fashion brand aimed at the Punjabi youth. Along with a background in technology, he brings along strong social media skills, which is crucial to the development of the business.