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Art0018 – 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs have certain beliefs that guide them, and which they never forget. Having certain beliefs is very important for the mind. For instance, believing in religion can help guide you in how you live your life. Similarly with certain beliefs, entrepreneurs can set certain directions for themselves.

From our past experience and research, we have summarized these into three beliefs, which are:

1. I seize opportunities where others fear failure.
2. I can change the world.
3. I relish challenges.

Belief No. 1: I Seize Opportunities Where Others Fear Failure.
This is a very important issue and perhaps one of the most significant aspects of mindset that differentiates entrepreneurs from others. Many of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world became successful because of their contrarian view of things. When everyone sees failure and when everyone else sees a lack of opportunities, entrepreneurs are able to see the opportunities. The best of entrepreneurs can sniff out opportunity even in very bleak conditions.

Belief No. 2: I Can Change The World
This belief is what continues to drive entrepreneurs to greater heights, and is what amazes people who witness them. The fact that they could do things unimagined by others stems from this belief that they can change the world. Being optimistic, they believe they can achieve almost anything in this world, and beyond. They may seem egoistic at times, but it is this attitude that drives them to compete with giants, and it is this that causes them to change all the rules of the game. They redefine the rules of engagement and of how business is done, and this often catches the incumbents off guard.

Belief No. 3: I Relish Challenges
Sometimes, a task may seem quite dangerous, but entrepreneurs seldom fear they will fail or get hurt when they embark on taking on the challenge of fighting against the odds. This sense of fearlessness has allowed kings, emperors, and warriors to conquer countries, coupled with the belief that they could conquer and rule the world.

With these guiding beliefs, many entrepreneurs are able to mould their mindsets to see things that others will dismiss. Allowing them to take advantages of opportunities that come their way. They also are able to understand that they do not have to fear taking on challenges. Instead they wake up each morning ready to take on and change the world, because they know that they can do it.

In the next couple of weeks we will be delving deeper into these beliefs to see what makes entrepreneurs tick and succeed. Do follow us on EntreCity’s Facebook Page to keep abreast of latest lectures and updates.

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