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Art0021: 3 Beliefs Of Entrepreneurs – Belief No. 2: I Can Change The World

This belief is what continues to drive entrepreneurs to greater heights, and is what amazes people who witness them. The fact that they could do things unimagined by others stems from this belief that they can change the world. Being optimistic, they believe they can achieve almost anything in this world, and beyond. They may seem egoistic at times, but it is this attitude that drives them to compete with giants, and it is this that causes them to change all the rules of the game. They redefine the rules of engagement and of how business is done, and this often catches the incumbents off guard. Mr Inderjit Singh – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship

Change is the Only Constant
Whilst most people prefer follow the principle of: “If it is not broken, don’t fix it”, entrepreneurs are always questioning the norm and are always seeking changes. It is because of this constant need for change and improvement that drives entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions and new business models.

Entrepreneurs’ beliefs are different than the norm; where others see calamity, they see opportunity. Where others are contented, they see the need for improvement. This is what pushes new ideas and companies into the market.

If you observe the behavior of most entrepreneurs, you will notice that they do not thrive in a status quo environment. It can actually be quite boring, and they feel that it would be better if things were constantly evolving. Many seasoned entrepreneurs also thrive at the call of a challenge. They would take on a new challenge with the same excitement as a small kid takes on a difficult puzzle.

Though it may not be necessarily true, entrepreneurs always feel that they can do better than others can, and they strive to outdo the rest. Though this behavior may seem weird to the rest or the world, it is this mindset that allows them to do extraordinary things, which they themselves may not have thought possible at the beginning.

Entrepreneurs are constantly challenging themselves as they do not see the limit of what can be achieved. Such a mindset distinguishes entrepreneurs from others.

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