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Art0022 – Belief No. 3: Outshine as an Entrepreneur – Sniffing Opportunities, Surviving Challenges and Vanquishing Fears

The topic this week is about facing the challenges associated with entrepreneurship and coming out victorious. The following is an attempt at helping entrepreneurs’ comprehend the value of overcoming fears so as to identify and make use of prospects that are often overlooked by others.

An entrepreneur is not only someone with an earth-shattering idea that is impressive enough to draw the desired capital from the investors. Instead, an entrepreneur is also an individual who successfully evolves a start-up business in the face of uncertainty and risk and by surpassing all expectations, brings about the desired success. He is the one who recognizes the opportunities and then assembles the necessary resources to capitalize on them.

If you have been in the business for the last five or so years and if you still haven’t secured the anticipated success, you lack just one quality that is keeping success from coming your way, fearlessness. While it is only usual to fear failure, it is this path of fear and the willingness to take risks that has taken the biggest industry giants to the echelon of prosperity.

Regardless of the economic outlook or the industry performance, one quality common to all progressing entrepreneurs is a ‘bring it on’ attitude. While others dread collapse, these are the individuals of great ability with a mindset that encourages them into paving their path around the risks and letdown as they eventually maneuver their way to success. Where others see sinking ship, these are the individuals who seek out opportunities.

There is no hard and fast rule or a foolproof formula for success. It is the ability to make the best out of the worst times that render the best of entrepreneurs. Risk taking is inevitable for entrepreneurial success and it is actually this seemingly trivial aspect that differentiates an entrepreneur from a business owner.

Having realized the necessity of risk taking, it goes without saying that risk should be calculated and well thought out. As an entrepreneur, one cannot be afraid of failure but jumping in with both feet without evaluating the consequences is where most of the entrepreneurs fail.

Uncertainty implies added pressure but it is the belief to excel and succeed no matter what it takes that transforms a start-up business into an industry giant. Instead of thinking about all the possibilities of failure, keep an eye on the opportunities as unwavering confidence can help you keep your footing and survive all the challenges that are most likely to come your way.

It has often been observed that smaller industries have flourished economic downturns effortlessly whereas those with much stronger resources have suffered collapse. This is because the rules of the game keep changing. It is only this change that is constant. Things may seem too positive and one may get over-optimistic in good times. On the other hand, things may seem too bleak and one may get over-pessimistic. However, moderation is the key to success and it is all one needs in order to stay right on track.

In the world of entrepreneurs, every individual is an emperor or warrior and while it is not for every single warrior to secure victory, fear that one may doom should not keep one from trying. History has proved that those who fight against all odds with fearlessness have achieved their goals because they were not at all buying the idea of stopping at anything besides success.

We all have certain strengths and weakness but pushing your limits to make use of your true potential is the biggest weapon you have in your arsenal against fear. In the process, you may come across enemies who will create hindrances for you. You may also find peers who will help you get things in full swing but nothing should deter you from your path once you get the wheels going in the right direction.

Fear cannot make you fail but it may paralyze your ability to execute your foolproof plan-of-action. It is important to understand that entrepreneurial success, is not a technique or an opportunity, it is an attitude. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to work and think like one. After all, the only obstacle standing between you and success is your wrong attitude.

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