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Art0023:Thriving In Chaotic Environments – Breaking the Rules and Going against the Norms

Since it has already been discussed why fearlessness is a certain trait an entrepreneur should possess, the following account sheds light on how entrepreneurs can use their impudence and mettle to feed the entrepreneurial fire.

We all have come across the adage ‘If it isn’t broken, do not fix it’. Contrary to the saying, the current economic times suggest a different approach, one that implies that if something is not broken, work harder at it and fix it by hook or by crook. In order to fit in the recent business scenario, the need is to challenge the old thinking and ways and giving creativity and ingenuity a chance.

All the industries thriving today are inherently chaotic. This is only obvious given the fact that the world around us is changing incessantly. This goes in the favor of entrepreneurs as the fearlessness trait they have has trained them to make sense of the most trying situations. In scenarios where others fail, these individuals face the incoming challenges while keeping their calm, ensuring that their timely decisions render the desired results.

Entrepreneurship is all about the thrill of a starting up business, the adrenalin rush of growth and the exhilaration of success. It is because of this reason that unlike small business owners, entrepreneurs thrive in chaotic environments. Since they believe in doing things differently, they are prudent but not hesitant in making changes. Change implies added pressure but pressure is known to bring the best out of an individual and this certainly holds true for an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are warriors and while it may be hard to believe, the uncertainty and chaos they face on a regular basis often serves as the driving force for their business. Courage and a burning desire to excel allow an entrepreneur to multi-task. As a result, he/she is urged to be on a lookout for unconventional ideas that are aimed at bringing fresher ideas into effect.

Given all the personality traits an entrepreneur is supposed to have, these individuals tend to break the rules. This is because they have this innate risk-taking quality in their nature. They believe in playing game the hard way and pride themselves on accomplishing feats others may deem impossible.

Entrepreneurs challenge their limits and it is their will to venture past these markers that help to accomplish impossible tasks. However, while doing so, they never let go of their grasp of calculated and evaluated moves as they discover new limits this way. By incorporating this approach into their strategies, they not only unveil and explore new territories but also find new ways of getting things done.

Entrepreneurs incorporate the perfect recipe of success with their dynamic and highly adaptive mindset that enables them to address the key areas in an organization. Hence, resulting in an evolving business that has all the ingredients common to all flourishing organizations in just the right proportions. While there is an endless list of characteristics of a successful business, a handful of those that entrepreneurs help a business develop are constant improvements by challenging the norm, adding value to the business through innovation, a faster and more responsive structure and a focus on quality.

By having the courage to cross the line, one realizes that things are not as difficult as they may seem. While on one side, this helps boost the confidence and one gets more and more optimistic about taking risks, the results are not always the same for everyone.

The world of entrepreneurship has its share of those who have suffered a dreadful fate in the process of trying to cross the line. However, those who have survived have secured exponential growth in business as they have successfully incorporated newer business models and technology.

Here it is inevitable to specify the NUTS syndrome. NUTS, which is an abbreviation for No U-Turn syndrome, establishes that countries where entrepreneurship thrives are those where people have a mindset that allows people to do anything unless the law explicitly forbids them.

On the other hand, countries where entrepreneurship is not thriving are the ones where people believe that they should do something only when the law allows it. This minor difference in mindsets can vastly influence the way people get things done. On a final note, to be a successful entrepreneur, an individual should learn to love change as only by embracing changes will one be able to thrive in a chaotic environment.

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