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Art0024 – Breaking the Rules – The Compassionate Side of Entrepreneurship

One of the traits intrinsic to an entrepreneur’s personality is risk-taking. Entrepreneurship is a fabric that has to be knit prudently with ideas and adorned with innovation. This week we will be discussing how an individual can make the best use of his fearlessness and ambition to excel to bring about the desired entrepreneurial success.

Fearlessness and risk-taking are two of the most sought-after qualities when it comes to entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not just about some groundbreaking technology, avant-garde idea or ability to convince investors to capitalize on you. It is about possessing the right mindset, the right insight and just enough courage to go against the current.

The primary reason many entrepreneurs fail to nail success is the fear of the unknown or some deficiency they perceived in one area or another. The fear of failing keeps you from ever finding out if you had any chances at success. In retrospect, you won’t get anything if you don’t do anything. That is why, successful entrepreneurs are known to be individuals with a higher tolerance for uncertainty and a tendency for risk-taking.

In present day and age, even the most well-organized and well-funded start-ups have gone out of business with the reason being the same old lack of confidence and fearlessness. You cannot expect to get your business where you see it if you stay where you are. With a focus on this idea, entrepreneurs are encouraged to break the rules and take up challenges even when it gets exceedingly difficult to handle them.

Successful entrepreneurs are of the view that fearlessness is synonymous to winning the battleground. Courage for an entrepreneur leads to achievement, personal as well as professional. Entrepreneurship hones an individual’s talents by serving as a methodical teacher aimed at accomplishing improvement and self-discipline.

Entrepreneurs who secure success are well-aware of the fact that unless and until you are willing to overcome the hurdles and obstacles the business scene throws your way, you cannot expect to grow. Without steady growth, even the most seasoned entrepreneurs will find it impossible to evade the waters.

Entrepreneurs secure success that goes well beyond the monetary benefits because they have the courage and determination to go to any lengths to pursue their dreams. However, it is not just risk-taking that takes an entrepreneur to the height of success. Recklessness can reverse the situation completely and it is only the calm and calculated moves that enable an entrepreneur to unveil new horizon, discover new territories and realize the all-encompassing limits to one’s potential.

As an entrepreneur, an individual is not someone who possesses some state-of-the-art idea but is also someone who assumes full accountability for all the innate risks and their results. He/she is the person characterized by his/her ability to identify opportunities that are often overlooked by others. Keeping this in view, entrepreneurs are people who make efforts and invent new ways to do things differently, making procedures time effective and inexpensive.

Entrepreneurs tend to push limits and use this ability to their advantage only to discover that it does not always make one suffer to cross the line. Since they are fully responsible for their own actions, they gather confidence to push further and get more and more fearless in the process.

Here it is imperative to specify that all such efforts do not always pay off in the desired manner. There are individuals who have suffered at the expense of their fearlessness and confidence. Still, it failed to discourage them because the new technologies, business models and innovation they have brought about, had they succeeded, was worth all the effort.

Fearlessness also plays a vital role in the development of the right entrepreneurial environment. It is also a country’s way of viewing things that can also make a huge difference. The NUTS syndrome is worth mentioning here. The idea behind this syndrome is that thriving entrepreneurial economies are those where one is allowed to do anything unless the law explicitly forbids it.

On the other hand, economies that have failed to secure the anticipated popularity for entrepreneurship are those where individuals refrain from doing something unless they are asked to do so. This little difference can vastly influence a nation’s way of perceiving risk-taking and accommodating any consequences it may bring about.

Remember, be fearless, organized and insightful. It is perfectly fine to swim against the current and pursue your goals even when others are of a different view-point. With the right traits, entrepreneurial success is just around the corner.

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