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The idea behind EntreCity is to help entrepreneurs build successful businesses. We want to achieve this by helping people build an entrepreneurial mindset and to arm them with the technical tools to start and grow businesses. Whether or not you are ready to start a business, EntreCity aims to help everyone to think with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Sci0037: What Investors Look For – A Robust Business Plan


Investors are constantly on the lookout for business plans that captures the fundamentals of a business in a clear, succinct and structured manner. Scanning through the business plan will enable a VC to evaluate your understanding of your industry’s key success factors and whether you have identified the winning formula for your company. Therefore, being aware of what VCs and ...

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Art0043: A Good Deal Won


As we are discussing on how Entrepreneurs should think with their hearts, we share an instance from Mr Inderjit’s Book – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship, where thinking with his heart, he was able to make a very great business decision.  “When I started United Test and Assembly Center (UTAC), I wrote a business plan requiring 200,000 square feet ...

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Sci0036: What Investors Look For: There Is No I In Team


As an entrepreneur you must ask yourself, “What Do Investors Look For When Deciding To Invest In A Project Or Company?” It is important to answer this question before seeking for funding from investors and we will highlight the main criteria investors look out for before committing themselves. The building block of any company is its team. Without a doubt, ...

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Art0042 – The Sixth Sense: Making Decisions


Have you ever been appalled by decisions which seem to defy logic and yet yield such favorable outcomes? An entrepreneur is well-versed in making such seemingly illogical decisions. So what motivates them to look beyond logic when making decisions? It is because Entrepreneurs think with their heart and not just their head. Entrepreneurs possess a special skill that sets them apart -they ...

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Idea Analysis: Your Crowdfunding Campaign Failed? Now What?


After a lot of hard work, your campaign did not make it. There just was not enough traction for it to reach your goal. So what do we do now? 1. Give up, walk away? 2. Or go back to the drawing board to take another stab at it?  Well if you chose option 2, you may want to read ...

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Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 3: The Launch


So you’ve done your research, targeted your audience and prepared your story. The launch button has been pushed… now what? Running a successful campaign does not happen on your crowdfunding website alone.  You will need to get out there and pull your supporters in.  Get them to contribute and share – the more viral you can make your campaign, the ...

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Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 2

11000406_m (550x360)

Part 2: Pre-Launch As part of an ongoing series on Crowdfunding, this week, we take a look at the steps of launching a great Crowdfunding campaign, including pre-launch and post-launch strategies.  Today we talk about the steps to take before you launch your campaign.  In Part 1, we introduced you to the concept of Crowdfunding and provided you with ways ...

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Looking For An 18th Camel: The Best Outcome For All


We often see negotiations as if we are entering a battle. Always looking to defeat the other parties’ terms. Perhaps we should look to find a Win-Win solution instead, that would benefit both parties and foster a long running relationship. We thought we’d share this story that explains this concept well. A father left 17 camels in his Will as ...

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Sci0035 – So What Actually Makes a Good Business Plan?


A good business plan is not one that is very technical in nature. Many people think it should look very professional but in actual fact, a good business plan needs to be easily readable and understood. It is crucial that you are able to convey that you have a great idea, a properly thought out plan and show that you ...

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