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Idea Analysis Week 7: Bhumiputra

Imagine a shipping container being transformed into an auditorium. This is but one of Bhumiputra’s many projects which aim to overcome constraints and come up with innovative solutions in construction, development and modernization.

Breakdown Description
Company Name Bhumiputra
Website http://www.bhumi-putra.com
Problem Sustainable development has been the talk of the town. Yet many are unsure how to go about achieving this. Construction may be resource and capital intensive, making modernization and urbanization a privilege that only the developed societies are entitled to. Poorer countries are falling through the cracks due to their lack of resources and money to sustain urbanization. Furthermore, infrastructural development may not be environmentally friendly or ethical which undermines sustainable development.
Solution Bhumiputra uses environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices in their projects to make construction more viable.
Why We Like It Their projects which include making rural clinics out of materials available locally and designing aquamarine parks to be a source of fresh water and electricity strive to enhance the quality of life of the people on poorer societies.Their projects make use of innovative strategies in construction to overcome resource constraints.They make urbanization more affordable and accessible to poorer societies that faced the lack of infrastructural development.
Target Market
  • Developing countries, those interested in socially responsible and environmentally friendly construction practices
  • Schools/Universities
  • Hospitals, Medical Facilities in rural areas(containers can be transported by truck)
  • Events
How Will They Make Money?
  • Being in the architecture and construction industry they will be looking to make more green projects. 
  • The sale of these containers will be a part of their revenue stream.
How Will They Reach the Market?
  • Their talk on Ink Talks gained the company a lot of exposure. But from what we see this product requires more than that.
  • There is a need to approach the institutions directly. So perhaps a few trade shows and direct marketing would be a better approach.
  • A similar idea for housing could be developed.

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