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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 35: Living a FUNtastic Life


Every leader needs to understand the relationship between strengths and weaknesses. They need to be able to play up, their own strengths and to be able to complement or improve their weaknesses in order to build something successful.  Here is a post from our Mentor Mr Patrick Liew on how to manage this relationship. I am a student of leadership. ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 34: I Can Change the World


A while back we wrote about the 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs. One of those beliefs was that an entrepreneur can Change the World. If you read any interview of a successful entrepreneur, you will realise that they pursue their ideas because of a belief that they can solve the problem and thus help people, live their lives better. Their journey ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 33: Finding Your Passion


It is sad that there are people who go to work because they have to and not because they like or love to. Worst still some worry whether they will have their job for long. I am sure many can understand what I mean and yet, it is not easy to just leave the job just because you feel that ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 32: Job Satisfaction – How to Achieve it?


We spoke last week on the importance of making your work into a calling. Today we talk about how to overcome the downsides of work, so that you can focus on that calling. An excerpt from Mr Patrick Liew’s blog(http://liewinspiration.wordpress.com), on how to be more satisfied with your work, and how to take it to the next level. ‘There are ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 31: Is being an entrepreneur a job?


This is an interesting question each of us needs to ask as we embark on our entrepreneurship journey. Are you treating it as a job or are you doing something which you feel can change the world. People in history who have changed the world have been doing whatever they do as a passion, a calling of sorts and that’s ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts: Achieving High Elevation


On November 16th, 2004 a newly designed Scramjet rocket achieved the speed of Mach 9.6 (7366.44 Miles Per Hour). It is the fastest US rocket designed to fly in the Earth’s atmosphere. At low elevations the air density and molecules put pressure on an aircraft to slow it down by friction and force. If flown at such high speeds in ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 28: Growing a Business

Mr Patrick Liew(550x360)

In August last year, I was invited to speak at the Business Moves Conference in Cambodia. Using the analogy of a computer, I shared four dimensions for growing a business with the participants. In a nutshell, please let me share them with you. The Heartware (Operating System) The heart is the ultimate driver for motivations to run a business. It ...

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Mentor’s Blogpost Week 27: To Sell or Not to Sell


We would like to share a post from one of our Mentor’s on Selling: From Mr Patrick Liew’s Blog “A former dean of one of the top business schools was listening to a speech I made at one of my educational seminars. At the end of my talk, he came up to me and made an interesting comment, “Patrick, you ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 25: Starting From Nothing

Mr Inderjit Cropped(525x400)

Out of the media and out of the public’s eyes there are many entrepreneurs who have made it really big, with small beginnings. Along the way I have met so many people who have had really humble beginnings, people who left their homes, with nothing, to go to a different land and make their mark. These people never knew the ...

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