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Mentor’s Thoughts

Mentor’s Thoughts Week 14: Focusing on Your Dream


What makes entrepreneurs do what they do? Is it the adrenalin rush of taking high risk? Is it the huge monetary rewards? Or the fame? I would say that none of these factors were the main reasons that I stepped into becoming an entrepreneur. The main pushing factor was that I knew that I could make a change. I knew ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 10: A Startup is Like an Experiment


To put in simple terms, a startup is like an experiment, where you test your hypothesis (idea) on the market. It is a test to see if what you see as a reality is really true – i.e. if you can bring something new to the people or the market. If your hypothesis was true, it will become reality and ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 9: Every Encounter is a Learning Experience


The fun part of being an entrepreneur is that you get to meet and deal with many people; from team members, customers, investors, employees, business partners, government to people who need a helping hand. Meeting people is fun because you get to learn from others and hear about their experiences. Hearing other people’s experiences helps you learn faster without having ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 8: Doing your Homework Beforehand


If you have the luxury of understanding your market and customers and have the much needed financing before you start your project, then you should take full advantage of it. With the many of the key ingredients needed to succeed already in place, 80% of the battle is won before you go onto the battlefield. There is nothing better (and ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 7: The Critical Need to Understand Financing


It troubles me how many entrepreneurs get “bullied” when they look for funding. There are typically many sources of funding, but the entrepreneurs do not know where the sources are. The lack of knowledge means they will fail to take advantage of what is available to them. In my past experience, I have seen many entrepreneurs coming with great ideas ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 6 – Looking at the Real Picture


It is very troubling to see many new entrepreneurs struggling with their projects. Many of them were not aware of what it involved in starting and running a business when they started their journey. Most books or articles make entrepreneurship look easy, the picture that has been painted is typically rosy and very romantic, but in reality there is a ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 5 – Building the Entrepreneur


We grow personally from the experiences in our lives. From the time we gain consciousness of our surroundings till the present time, we are shaped by the encounters we have and how we handle them. Having bad experiences in the past with business or projects may hold some people back from future opportunities. On the other hand, bad past experiences ...

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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 4 – Taking Action


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – LaoZi. It is great that you have joined us on this platform to take your journey further. Maybe you are already an entrepreneur, or you are thinking of starting something of your own. Perhaps you have an idea you want to build on, or you want to have ...

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