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The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Art0040: Maybe You Are Not Feeling The Pinch


Today we share a story from The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship by Mr Inderjit. An experience that he had in his past venture that made it clear about passion “When I joined forces with a group of fresh graduates to start a dot com venture in 1999, I thought I had partnered a group of very enthusiastic young people ...

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Art0039: Passion or Pressure?


  Ask any entrepreneur about his journey and you will realize that it is never any easy one. The life of an entrepreneur may be fraught with challenges and uncertainties, which are expected of start-ups that are trying to establish themselves and grow. This may be exacerbated if the entrepreneur lacks the passion to sustain his efforts in starting up. ...

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Art0038: Why is Passion such a Buzzword?


While passion is widely recognized as the key to success in every field and career, the role of passion in entrepreneurship is amplified. Passion provides motivation and the impetus to move forward which is crucial in entrepreneurship where individuals are self-starters. Without passion, entrepreneurs cannot be successful in making significant contributions to society. Even if there is initial success, they ...

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Art0035 – How To Break Through Those Walls And Beat The Odds Awesomely?


If you know the enemy and know yourself, then you need not fear 100 battles – Sun Tzu So, we wrote before on why Entrepreneurs tend to strive against odds that are stacked against them, and still come out on top (Art0003 – Beating the Odds). While beating the odds may seem impossible, it is actually feasible if steps are ...

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Art 0034- How Do You Know That Its Your Time to Shine?


“It is a tough call, so think and act, and then don’t ever regret.” Mr Inderjit Singh, The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship Time is of the essence and knowing when the time is right to embark on your entrepreneurial venture may be easier said than done. The harsh reality is that hard work alone may not pay off. Entrepreneurs ...

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Art0033: Time to be Innovative


While innovation and creativity are used synonymously, they do not quite mean the same thing when it comes to entrepreneurship. Creativity as discussed in the previous article is the first step towards embarking on an entrepreneurial venture as it empowers people to conceive novel and unique ideas. However, once these ideas have been conceived, innovation comes into play in transforming ...

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Art0032 – How Does Creativity Matter?


The common characteristics of creative minds are that they are curious and they think out-of-the-box. Curiosity leads people to experiment with different ideas and explore alternatives. Their thirst for knowledge would lead them in the quest of looking at how things work. Sometimes even taking apart equipment to see how each function works. This helps them to think of solutions ...

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Art0031 – Reality No. 2: Creativity and Innovation Matter


Entrepreneurship is synonymous with creativity and innovation. You need both creativity and innovativeness to be a successful entrepreneur. One of these traits alone will not ensure success. Most people have always thought of creativity and innovation as one and the same but I see these two differently. Mr Inderjit Singh – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship One can only ...

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