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The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Art0030 – The Effect of Culture and Environment on Entrepreneurship


The culture and environment around the entrepreneur can also affect the growth of entrepreneurial activity in a country. We can see entrepreneurship development varies according to; How the country’s economic environment has been developed and structured. The society’s culture How failure is viewed and treated. For example in a country where the cost of living is very high and there ...

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Art0027: Why your employees are very important stake holders?


Doing a start-up is really tough work and the only way to do it well and to create a sustainable company, is to have your team members, the people around you motivated to push on no matter what difficulties you face. Remember people are not like machines that can be turned on and left to run.  People need to be ...

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Art0025 – Risks and Failures: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship That Should Not Be Feared

Risk and failures are inherent in entrepreneurship. Among countless definitions of entrepreneurs that we come across, when it comes to discussing an entrepreneur’s behavior and personality traits he is expected to possess, initiative taking, fearlessness and risk tolerance top the list. The following account is endeavored at helping individuals realize what distinguishes entrepreneurs from business owners and render them as ...

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Art0024 – Breaking the Rules – The Compassionate Side of Entrepreneurship

One of the traits intrinsic to an entrepreneur’s personality is risk-taking. Entrepreneurship is a fabric that has to be knit prudently with ideas and adorned with innovation. This week we will be discussing how an individual can make the best use of his fearlessness and ambition to excel to bring about the desired entrepreneurial success. Fearlessness and risk-taking are two ...

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Art0022 – Belief No. 3: Outshine as an Entrepreneur – Sniffing Opportunities, Surviving Challenges and Vanquishing Fears

The topic this week is about facing the challenges associated with entrepreneurship and coming out victorious. The following is an attempt at helping entrepreneurs’ comprehend the value of overcoming fears so as to identify and make use of prospects that are often overlooked by others. An entrepreneur is not only someone with an earth-shattering idea that is impressive enough to ...

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Art0021: 3 Beliefs Of Entrepreneurs – Belief No. 2: I Can Change The World

This belief is what continues to drive entrepreneurs to greater heights, and is what amazes people who witness them. The fact that they could do things unimagined by others stems from this belief that they can change the world. Being optimistic, they believe they can achieve almost anything in this world, and beyond. They may seem egoistic at times, but ...

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Art0020 – 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs: 1.2 Always Prepare in Advance

When others are fearful, be greedy – Warren Buffett Entrepreneurs should always be prepared to invest in a downturn, and they should not panic when the industry makes huge turns. As we described earlier, starting companies in the so-called bad times could be the best of strategies. This stems from the belief of not being over pessimistic in bad times. ...

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Art 0019: 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurs 1.1 – Investing in Downturns

Belief No 1 Part 1: Investing in Downturns The ability to discover the right formula for success despite the worst makes all the difference and creates the best of entrepreneurs. So, for example investing in a downturn may not necessarily be the bad thing to do. Mr Inderjit Singh – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship To recap the 3 ...

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Art0018 – 3 Beliefs of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs have certain beliefs that guide them, and which they never forget. Having certain beliefs is very important for the mind. For instance, believing in religion can help guide you in how you live your life. Similarly with certain beliefs, entrepreneurs can set certain directions for themselves. From our past experience and research, we have summarized these into three beliefs, ...

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