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The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Art0006: The Three Mantras of Entrepreneurship – Part 1

Upon analyzing what the successful entrepreneurs say and do, I have observed a few common philosophies they operate with. These philosophies come out very early in the way entrepreneurs behave and the way they go about their daily lives. I have distilled these philosophies into 3 mantras.  1.    A Winning Spirit 2.    Aim High, But be Prepared for the Worst ...

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Art0005 – Born or Bred

Many people ask: When did you discover your entrepreneurial spirit? Did you do things differently as a child? Did you know you were going to become an entrepreneur or did someone influence you? What drove you to start a company? Typically we can trace back to the times when we thought about things differently, the times we innovated and challenged ...

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Art0004-Team Entrepreneurship

Team dynamics plays a vital role in Entrepreneurship. Having the right mix of people will help you to execute the vision better. In essence, an entrepreneurial team feeds on itself. The visionaries among them will provide the inspiration, and they will keep dreaming of new and bigger things while the rest of the team members see the vision and also ...

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Art0003 – Beating The Odds

Entrepreneurs are always looked upon as HEROES. They are those who go against the odds and make it through. This is especially true, when the people around them are very against their ideas. Entrepreneurs are not completely unafraid of failing, but they go on with their ideas anyway. It can be very frightening and overwhelming to take the first step, especially ...

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Art0002 – 10 Traits of an Entrepreneur

In the last lecture, we defined what an entrepreneur is focusing on the characteristics they have. In this post, we will go in depth into the 10 traits that an entrepreneur should possess. Ten Traits of Entrepreneurs – From the Art and Science of Entrepreneurship By Mr Inderjit Singh. There are ten traits I have noticed about entrepreneurs, which I will ...

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Art0001 – What Is An Entrepreneur?

There are many definitions of an Entrepreneur. It is difficult to have one common description, but we can look at the certain characteristics and traits entrepreneurs’ possess, making them what they are. So when do you know that you have become an entrepreneur and when do you stop being one? “It is my belief that on the day you as ...

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