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Sci0038 – What Investors Look For Part 2 : A Good Business Plan


After seeing that there is a strong integrated team on board, the next important thing potential investors and VCs will look for is the quality of the plan, and hence, the quality of the business plan. The business plan is an important document that captures your thought process and your understanding of the business, reflecting the quality of your plan. ...

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Art0046: A Mother’s Wisdom


“An Arab friend of mine told me that mothers are indeed very amazing people. He shared a personal experience with me about his wife. He was once carrying his son while walking with his wife, and just after a few minutes he felt the heavy load and his arms started to ache. He then asked his wife how she could ...

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Sci0037 – A Good Team Makes The Difference


 Team dynamics plays a crucial role in the development of a company. How well the team works with each other can make or break the team. Investors look at this aspect very closely, because it is something that can carry the team to success or drown them in failure. Following up from our previous article ‘Sci0036: What Investors Look For: ...

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Art0045: Going From Small to Big


Entrepreneurs often do a great job of conceiving ideas and developing them into businesses. They do it best at the start-up stage and especially when the number of people involved is small. Start-ups can go through many changes before a proper company structure can be established. It is at these initial stages that good entrepreneurs shine. With the freedom from ...

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Art0044: Fuzzy Logic in the Decision Making Process


Entrepreneurs use a lot of judgement  in the decision making process. But where does this judgement come from? It is definitely some form of process in decision-making, but not a very structured process. Although it looks like a fuzzy process, there is a lot of thought put in when it comes to making a judgement, it is definitely not something ...

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Sci0037: What Investors Look For – A Robust Business Plan


Investors are constantly on the lookout for business plans that captures the fundamentals of a business in a clear, succinct and structured manner. Scanning through the business plan will enable a VC to evaluate your understanding of your industry’s key success factors and whether you have identified the winning formula for your company. Therefore, being aware of what VCs and ...

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Art0043: A Good Deal Won


As we are discussing on how Entrepreneurs should think with their hearts, we share an instance from Mr Inderjit’s Book – The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship, where thinking with his heart, he was able to make a very great business decision.  “When I started United Test and Assembly Center (UTAC), I wrote a business plan requiring 200,000 square feet ...

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Sci0036: What Investors Look For: There Is No I In Team


As an entrepreneur you must ask yourself, “What Do Investors Look For When Deciding To Invest In A Project Or Company?” It is important to answer this question before seeking for funding from investors and we will highlight the main criteria investors look out for before committing themselves. The building block of any company is its team. Without a doubt, ...

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Art0042 – The Sixth Sense: Making Decisions


Have you ever been appalled by decisions which seem to defy logic and yet yield such favorable outcomes? An entrepreneur is well-versed in making such seemingly illogical decisions. So what motivates them to look beyond logic when making decisions? It is because Entrepreneurs think with their heart and not just their head. Entrepreneurs possess a special skill that sets them apart -they ...

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Idea Analysis: Your Crowdfunding Campaign Failed? Now What?


After a lot of hard work, your campaign did not make it. There just was not enough traction for it to reach your goal. So what do we do now? 1. Give up, walk away? 2. Or go back to the drawing board to take another stab at it?  Well if you chose option 2, you may want to read ...

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