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Starting and Building Your Business

Sci0042: What Investors Look For – Part 6: Broad Horizons


Continuing in our series on what investors look out for when evaluating a start-up, this week we look at the importance of global thinking. Investors are increasingly looking for a start-up’s ability to think on a global scale. This is especially relevant for a country with as small a market as Singapore. Entrepreneurs in a larger market like the USA, ...

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Sci0041: What Investors Look For – Part 5: Money Talks


Our previous article looked at the importance of having a business plan that sets out realistic and achievable goals. Related to this is the issue of how you and your team plan to make use of the funds that you have raised. Investors will be paying very close attention to how your funds are allocated – after all, part of ...

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Sci0040: What Investors Look For Part 4 – Feasibility of Transforming Your Plan into a Business


Previously, we have discussed the importance of having a good, detailed business plan. Potential investors will also be looking out for how realistic your plan is. Many entrepreneurs have very well thought-out plans with aggressive numbers. While this could be seen as a sign of confidence in one’s business plan, investors often prefer more conservative scenarios. Your business plan, therefore, ...

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Sci0039 – What Investors Look For Part 3? Getting Into Details


In our last article we wrote about how important it is to investors to see a strong business plan. We spoke about certain key areas that they look for, namely: opportunities, threats, market size and market share, customers, marketing strategy, competitors, suppliers, risk analysis, financial plan, and cash flow. Today, we will look at them in detail, to see where ...

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Sci0038 – What Investors Look For Part 2 : A Good Business Plan


After seeing that there is a strong integrated team on board, the next important thing potential investors and VCs will look for is the quality of the plan, and hence, the quality of the business plan. The business plan is an important document that captures your thought process and your understanding of the business, reflecting the quality of your plan. ...

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Sci0037 – A Good Team Makes The Difference


 Team dynamics plays a crucial role in the development of a company. How well the team works with each other can make or break the team. Investors look at this aspect very closely, because it is something that can carry the team to success or drown them in failure. Following up from our previous article ‘Sci0036: What Investors Look For: ...

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Sci0036: What Investors Look For: There Is No I In Team


As an entrepreneur you must ask yourself, “What Do Investors Look For When Deciding To Invest In A Project Or Company?” It is important to answer this question before seeking for funding from investors and we will highlight the main criteria investors look out for before committing themselves. The building block of any company is its team. Without a doubt, ...

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Idea Analysis: Your Crowdfunding Campaign Failed? Now What?


After a lot of hard work, your campaign did not make it. There just was not enough traction for it to reach your goal. So what do we do now? 1. Give up, walk away? 2. Or go back to the drawing board to take another stab at it?  Well if you chose option 2, you may want to read ...

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Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 3: The Launch


So you’ve done your research, targeted your audience and prepared your story. The launch button has been pushed… now what? Running a successful campaign does not happen on your crowdfunding website alone.  You will need to get out there and pull your supporters in.  Get them to contribute and share – the more viral you can make your campaign, the ...

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