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Starting and Building Your Business

Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 2

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Part 2: Pre-Launch As part of an ongoing series on Crowdfunding, this week, we take a look at the steps of launching a great Crowdfunding campaign, including pre-launch and post-launch strategies.  Today we talk about the steps to take before you launch your campaign.  In Part 1, we introduced you to the concept of Crowdfunding and provided you with ways ...

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Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign


Part 1: Introduction Recently we have received requests from you about the phenomenon of Crowdfunding.  Following our earlier ARTICLE on the subject we have seen Crowdfunding being used in both the private and not for profit sectors, by individuals and organisations keen to ride the wave of this innovative fundraising method.  Over the next few days, we here at EntreCity ...

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Sci0035 – So What Actually Makes a Good Business Plan?


A good business plan is not one that is very technical in nature. Many people think it should look very professional but in actual fact, a good business plan needs to be easily readable and understood. It is crucial that you are able to convey that you have a great idea, a properly thought out plan and show that you ...

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Sci0034 – What Comes After The End?


It is always best to keep a business plan clean from too much information. It should not be bogged down with too many details. Instead all non-essential details should be included in the appendices. As we discussed earlier on, the business plan should be as concise as possible and the plans as focused as possible. The reason for this that ...

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Sci0033:Right Exit at the Right Time


Typically, the exit strategy is not covered as a section by itself in the business plan. It may be subsumed within the financial section. However, the exit strategy is important especially to investors who are concerned with the amount of potential returns and when these returns can be withdrawn from the company. These are the two key aspects which need ...

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Sci0032: Risk Factors and Contingency Plans-Tackling Unforeseen Obstacles


This week we will take a look at how the intrinsic risk factors can make things exceedingly hard for an entrepreneur to handle. In addition, we will determine why contingency plans are so crucial to success and how they come to an entrepreneur’s rescue. Let’s get started. Entrepreneurs are often called gamblers and this is somewhat true. They are risk-seeking ...

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Sci0031 – Cash Flow Statement – Where in the World is all that Money Going?


Planning for a company’s cash needs is important as even during the time of best profits; because if a company’s cash flow is mismanaged, it can still collapse. Many entrepreneurs use the cash flow statement to gauge the company’s pulse and sustainability. The cash flow statement should accurately depict how the cash will be used in a given period of ...

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Sci0030- How Balanced is your Balance Sheet?


Knowing what resources you have at any point of time will help you allocate them better and use them more efficiently to enhance your business. Financial planning is crucial to any start-up; time and effort needs to be invested in drafting clear financial statements to keep track of a company’s finances. In the previous article, we looked at the income ...

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Sci0029: The Business Plan: The Income or Profit and Loss Statement


At its very core, the function of a business is to make money. The main reason for a company to be registered is so that it can be accountable, if not its just people who are giving away their services for free. If any entrepreneur says they are not in it for the money (at all), then they should not ...

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Sci0029 – The Short Term and Long Term Financial Plan


After being convinced that the company has a great idea and a good strategy to grow and attain profitability, this would be the part of the business plan where investors would spend the most time on. The pulse of the company can be measured by its financial status, which consists of few critical financial statements. These numbers show how the ...

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