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Useful Lessons In Business and Fundraising

Taking Out The Competition May Not Always Be The Solution.

We’ve always been told to take on the competition and to take them out. What if there is another way to go about doing things? What if instead of taking them out, we can make it a win win situation? Well that is what the TUKAR programme is all about. Instead of removing the ‘Kedai Runcits’(small provision shops) in the ...

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Sci0037: What Investors Look For – A Robust Business Plan


Investors are constantly on the lookout for business plans that captures the fundamentals of a business in a clear, succinct and structured manner. Scanning through the business plan will enable a VC to evaluate your understanding of your industry’s key success factors and whether you have identified the winning formula for your company. Therefore, being aware of what VCs and ...

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Sci0033: Risky business-What You Need to Consider?


Now that you know the importance of risk factors and contingency planning as covered in Sci0032, here are some of the important risks you should include in your business plan: Market Risk-This includes uncontrollable factors that can influence the market and the ability of the business to respond to the market. Such volatility in the market through changing value of ...

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UL0025: Entrepreneurs – The Catalysts for Economic Growth with an Unleashed Spirit to Succeed


Entrepreneurship is essential to stimulate the economic growth and employment prospects that any country has to offer. In order to develop an aspiring entrepreneurial environment, individuals who steer a business or entrepreneurs can play a highly influential role. To transform an otherwise failing economy into a thriving one, the propensity of individuals to initiate start-ups and make them grow can ...

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UL0024: Creativity Vs Innovation- Understanding the Cornerstone of Entrepreneurial Growth and Survival


As we contemplate on modifying our educational system to create a thriving entrepreneurial economy, it is of grave importance to understand what it takes to kindle the desired spirit in entrepreneurs. With the importance of creativity and innovation discussed prevalently in the business landscape, the question that comes to mind is if creativity the only trait an individual is expected ...

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UL0023: Reality Revealed – Risks and Failures are Essential to Entrepreneurship


The notion of starting one’s business is quickly gaining favor of millions across the globe. In the hopes of generating higher profits, countless individuals intend to choose the path of entrepreneurship. However, entrepreneurship is more than just having an idea of establishing a start-up that will eventually lead to success. Instead, one has to come to terms with certain realities ...

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UL0022: Favorable Financing Foundation – an Inevitable Factor in Creating a Successful Entrepreneurial Environment


The world is brimming with start-up activity. With more and more countries realizing the economic growth and job opportunities that entrepreneurship can bring about, it is being sought as an activity to remedy ailing economies across the globe. However, in order to get the best of what entrepreneurship has to offer, it is important to create an environment where it ...

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UL0021 – Creating a Successful Entrepreneurial Environment: The Three Ingredients for Building a Favorable Consumer Economy

Current statistics show that against all odds, thriving economies are those that foster entrepreneurship development even in a time where economic crises have enveloped the entire globe. It goes without saying that the right entrepreneurial environment, which emerges as a tapestry of skills and talents, can play a significant role in leveraging a country’s economy. This week we will be ...

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UL0020: Singapore’s Entrepreneurial Journey(Video)

Singapore has come up as one of the better known countries for entrepreneurship, as we have a very strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. A while back I gave a speech for a conference in Panama, on Singapore’s Entrepreneurial Journey. Below is the video of the speech I would like to share with you. Inderjit Singh Credits- Video: SPRING Singapore Photograph: Angad Singh

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UL0019 – Relationship of the Government and Entrepreneurship

Why does the government have to be involved in the development of entrepreneurship, many may ask? Developing the right ecosystem for Entrepreneurship Development and one where start-ups can start smoothly and strive should be every government’s role.  For an entrepreneurial environment to help companies start and grow, you need the government to provide a proper regulatory system that would not ...

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