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Useful Lessons In Business and Fundraising

UL0005-Internet and Technology Alone Do Not Create A Business

In any business, domain knowledge is most critical. For example, a successful retail business, whether in the form of an internet business or an old economy business, can only be achieved by someone who knows retailing, the psychology of customers, marketing and sales techniques, and many other concepts. – Mr Inderjit Singh, The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship.  Whether it’s ...

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UL0004-Creativity vs Innovation

While an entrepreneur can be creative, a creative person may not become a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur uses innovative ways to test out and make good use of creative ideas. An entrepreneur may not be creative, but he/she can use ideas other creative people come up with and turn them into businesses. – Mr Inderjit Singh, The Art and Science ...

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UL0003-Not So Smart Money

Entrepreneurs who could find money easily and did not have to sweat it out when looking for money to fund their projects developed an attitude that money was easy to get so it was no big deal to spend lavishly. Their attitude was based on the fact that they were burning someone else’s money and not their own money. The ...

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UL0002 – The Idea is Not a Business

I have mentioned more than once that an idea is not a sufficient ingredient in creating successful businesses. An idea alone is great, but it is not worth very much if one is unable to make that transformation into a business.  – Mr Inderjit Singh, The Art and Science of Entrepreneurship. The execution of an idea is a very big ...

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UL0001 – A Business is Still a Business

It is important to understand that at the very core of a company, it is about the business.  “Any business must consist of a fundamental strategy, which must be driven by a long term vision and long term goals and objectives. The business must be able to sustain growth and have proper revenue models as well as clear profitability goals ...

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