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Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 4: Post Launch

Idea Analysis: Building a Great Crowdfunding Campaign – Part 4: Post Launch

We’ve reached our goal and its time to celebrate. Time to get down to work and get those products shipped out.

“So we’re done right? Nothing else?”

Well not really, there is still one more key aspect that needs to be looked at.

Part of a great Crowdfunding campaign is thanking your contributors. People, who believed in you, stuck by your cause and helped propel you forward. So it is key to do something for them.

Here are some ideas for you to look at:

    1. Tailor make “Thank You” messages for your contributors. There is nothing more touching than receiving a personal message. Empower people with heartfelt Thank You messages. This is one of the easiest things you need to do to retain customers.


    1. Keep Updating – One area many people usually fail at is at giving updates. This is crucial so that you keep your contributors engaged in your work, keeping them connected to your project. In the course of producing your product and getting it shipped, there will be delays along the way.People who are more informed about the ongoing situation will be more sympathetic to any delays or hitches in the plan. Also, regular updates will give people more opportunities to share your message over social media, thus increasing your chances of future sales.


  1. Follow Up On The Rewards – Your rewards are an important part of your campaign. Make sure you deliver on your promises. Delivering your rewards on time will show that your team is dependable and will be able to live up to expectations. This will boost trust in your company and will help in future product launches or even Crowdfunding campaigns.


Your contributors are not only investors but also customers who have put their faith in you (even when you didn’t have a product yet) to support your cause and your team. Which is why thanking then is very important.We should look at building relationships that would take us a long way. For that we need to start by engaging our customers in the right way.

Well, this was supposed to be the end of the series but we realized that there might be some campaigns that did not make it. So stay tuned as we share tips with you on what you should do if your campaign does not succeed.

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