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Idea Analysis Week 6: Go Cycle

With crowded public transport and heavy traffic on roads there is a need for a different kind of transportation.  Something that help get through traffic, be cheaper, easy to store away and healthy at the same time.

Bring in the Electric Bike. Many people have taken to cycling around the city to get to work or to get errands done. Today we look at the Go Cycle, a product that would make that ride a lot better.

Breakdown Description
Company Name Karbon Kinetics Ltd
Website http://www.gocycle.com
Problem Cycling, while enjoyable and relaxing, may actually become a hassle for people who rely on it as one of the main means of transportation.Traditional bikes are increasingly being frowned upon because they are bulky and not portable which limits the mobility of people.Furthermore, the cost of public transport may be high and many may turn to cycling to move around especially in the city areas.
Solution Gocycle is lightweight and environmentally friendly allowing people to move around easily at a lower cost compared to public transport. Its sleek design also increases its appeal to the modern city dweller. Gocycle is also designed for high performance.
Why We Like It Gocycle is the first of its kind in the bike industry-the first injection moulded magnesium alloy bicycle in history.Its high tech specs and rechargeable battery which recharges in 3 hours makes it highly efficient and very good for city use.Gocycle’s portability(as it can be folded) makes it easy to get around town and to not have the hassle of finding parking. It also presents a stylish alternative to traditional bikes
Target Market
  • City dwellers who need to get to work or around the city easily. 
  • People who are looking for electric bikes to get them around town
How Will They Make Money?
  • By Selling the GoCycle Products, Parts and Accessories
  • Service
How Will They Reach the Market?
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Offering deals to UK registered companies for their employees(Employee Discounts) to switch to a different kind of transportation.
What Needs to Be Added
  • A map of routes that could be taken to get to work. Something that would work great as an App,
  • And of course a place to shower and change. You would not want to get to work all sweaty :)

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  1. What would be interesting is to add kiosks around specific areas in town, near the outskirts of town for people to rent bikes / deposit bikes. This way there is a greater reach to people who’d prefer to cycle to work using the same duration of time as compared to waiting and taking public transport / driving to work.

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