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Idea Analysis Week 5: SmartDeco

The education market is one that has huge potential. With many students living away from home, SmartDeco’s furniture provides the solution to every student’s problem, helping to set up ‘home away from home’.    
Breakdown Description
Company Name SmartDeco
Website http://www.smartdecofurniture.com/
Problem Many University students face the issue of moving around from house to house during their college years. It can be pretty tedious and expensive if you have to lug so much furniture(especially heavy furniture) around from place to place. This is especially problematic during those summer holidays when you would like to give up your accommodation to save on your rent.

And what do you do with all that furniture after graduation?

I for one had to give it all away. It would have cost me lots of money to have it flown down to Singapore, and there would be no place for me to store it.

Solution A light and simple-to-assemble furniture solution that would cater to the needs of students. Made from corrugated cardboard, SmartDeco’s furniture options allow for easy transportation and hassle free storage(can be flat packed).
Why We Like It 1. Creative and innovative twist to furniture.

2. Easy for students who are away from home for college.

3. Provides a short term and cheaper solution for furniture needs. Especially if you are moving around and need to put your furniture in storage.

As a student this would have been a great solution to my furniture troubles. I would not have had to keep my furniture in storage and would not have to fork out so much for transportation when I shifted apartments.

Target Market
  • Students who are studying away from home. 
  • Start Ups who need temporary furniture for their offices. 
  • For temporary set ups(roadshow, events, etc..)
How Will They Make Money? By selling their products
How Will They Reach the Market?
  • Setting up booths at Universities
  • Social Media
  • Traditional Media
  • Deals with Hostels, apartments 

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