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Mentor’s Thoughts Week 52: Waves After Waves Of Positive Energy

It takes a lot of positivity, mental and emotional balance to do what entrepreneurs do(and to succeed at it well). There will be many ups and downs in the journey, but that should not have a negative impact on the product or your customers. Build a positive frame of mind and use that to nurture your creation.

“During my flight on 22 August 2013, I read an article about winemakers in China. It was one of the highlights in the ‘travel3sixty’ magazine.

When asked what was needed to produce good wines, Tian Jiaben, a wine maker from Shaoxing said, “Just good emotions!… A good emotional state is a must, as it can influence the quality and flavor of wine.

“If we remain high spirited and emotionally balanced, the molecules around us become vibrant, so the wine ferments more fully.”

These were words that were spoken by not just a master at his craft but also from one who descended from a long history of professional winemakers. They have preserved and improved winemaking techniques for many generations.

The article reminds me of a lecture that I once attended and it was delivered by a very charismatic speaker, Masaru Emoto. He is also a prominent author, researcher and entrepreneur.

After years of research, he concluded that human consciousness has an impact on the molecular structure of water. He believed and can even prove that our prayer, visualization and communication can transmit energy and affect quality of water.

Our consciousness affect our surroundings more than we can ever think or imagine. The emotions that we carry can change the environment.

In 2006, we invited Daniel Goleman to give a lecture in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. He is one of the thought leaders about emotional intelligence and has been instrumental in raising awareness about EQ in society.

While listening to him and reading his books, one of my takeaways was that we could influence people to be on the same wavelength with us. We could influence their emotions and change their lives through our emotional state and intelligence.

Our emotional stability can help us win more friends. On the other hand, if we are emotionally unstable, it will repel them from us,

When we send positive vibes to people as well as to the environment, they will respond to us. Our positive sensitivity and expectations can help to improve them.

People like people who like them and like them to become a better person. They will rise up to the level of our belief in their potential and performance.

Perhaps, the better world that we are hoping for should begin with the wave of positive energy that we transmit to the next person we meet and then, to the next.

Through an endless cycle of positive thought, word and action, we can make the world a better home.


Patrick Liew

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