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Taking Out The Competition May Not Always Be The Solution.

We’ve always been told to take on the competition and to take them out. What if there is another way to go about doing things? What if instead of taking them out, we can make it a win win situation?

Well that is what the TUKAR programme is all about. Instead of removing the ‘Kedai Runcits’(small provision shops) in the smaller neighborhoods, they have provided an enhancement plan that would help them cater to their customers better.

Even though these small provision shops do not look like much, they can be huge competition for bigger grocery giants. But they are a big business when it comes to catering to the neighbourhood community.

Check out these YouTube Videos from PemanduETP to see how the Malaysian government is helping to transform these local provision shops to better adapt to todays market.

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Gurpal Singh
Gurpal Singh started his first company at the young age of 18, whilst studying at Temasek Polytechnic. He chanced upon an opportunity to supply the Indian market with computer equipment, car parts and mobile phones. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in IT and Business Systems, Gurpal embarked on starting Cha Pakorey, a fashion brand aimed at the Punjabi youth.

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